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TLG Capital celebrates its first anniversary!

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by Isabelle Gravenstein


To mark its outstanding success in the past year, Mr Zain Latif, principal of the company, hosted an event on 12th August 2010 at the prestigious Rafayel on left Bank hotel in Battersea, London.

Zain Latif wanted to share the success of TLG with the people who had either worked on the various projects with him, or who were otherwise very interested in Mr Latif’s concept of ethical frontier market investments.

It was rather striking that all the guests invited at the event had a marked close link with Mr Latif in person, or through his work, but more importantly, because they had recently heard Mr Latif talk about frontier investments in Africa and were very interested, and touched, by  the concept behind TLG Capital.
Several people, who had met Mr Latif only once before, expressed their deep interest in the ethics behind TLG Capital. One lady in particular said that, knowing her potential investment in TLG was at the same time helping many people in need, was the clenching argument that would help her sign on the doted line.

And this comment was made over and over throughout the evening. So why are people enthusing so much about TLG Capital? 

Hearing Mr Laitif talk about the success of his investments in Africa over the last year, it is obvious that here is a man passionate not only to invest on the African continent, but also in the communities where these businesses are established. For example, one of the success stories was investing in the creation of the Swedish Ghana Medical Centre, which is the first European standard cancer treatment facility in West Africa.  Another successful investment was in QCIL pharmaceutical plant in Uganda, which is producing life-saving AIDS and malaria drugs. Beside the African continent, TLG spread its success investment in Cambodia in the tourism sector, and in India, where its input in the cartridge re-fill business has helped Re-Feel Cartridge Engineering Pvt. Ltd become India’s fastest and largest growing business in the sector.  And lastly, coming back to the African continent, TLG is on the verge of investing in a medical centre in Liberia, a country in great need of having its medical facilities restored and modernised after many years of civil unrest.
Investments such as the ones TLG Capital has achieved in the space of only one year is what developing nations need more of.  Of course, capital is important in terms of business ventures and viability of projects, but maybe more importantly, it is the ethics behind the investments, and the man behind the decisions.

Talking to the guests celebrating TLG Capital’s success of the past year, not one mentioned figures and profits, but all had on their lips words of praise for the man who cared about people, and showed it by investing fearlessly in developing countries and thereby directly impacting many lives in a positive way.

No doubt, in one year from now, TLG will have even more to celebrate. And also no doubt, there will be even more people who will have been touched and inspired by Zain Latif  and his way of conducting  frontier market investments.

About TLG Capital.
TLG Capital was founded in 2009 with the belief that commercial and social returns can go hand-in-hand in frontier markets.

As a niche financier of indigenous growth-capital in frontier markets, in particular sub-Saharan Africa, we invest profitably and make a socially beneficial impact. We identify compelling investment opportunities that escape traditional funds due to scale and uninformed perceptions of risk.

TLG Capital structures investments based on the needs of the companies in which it invests, helping management teams build long-term value that benefits local economies. We are signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

TLG Capital
London, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7499 9591

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