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Top 13 Nigerian CEOs 2013

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VENTURES AFRICA – 2013 has sure been a fabulous year with many business rising and conglomerates recording huge profits in Nigeria’s enterprising market. Over the year, we have read and heard about innovations and change in management, investments gone sour or profitable and market share expansions on the homefront and beyond. However, the fabulous commentaries and news have not come out of the blue, rather they have been the result of continuous improvement at the front line- which is maintained by the CEOs of these companies. In this list, Ventures Africa reviews 13 outstanding Nigerian CEOs. The CEOs have been credited not because they sit on the chair of company with “high-sounding” names but because they have been able to make a difference in highly competitive markets. They have demonstrated effective management capabilities through hardwork, resilience, research, an understanding of the Nigeria business climate as they moved their companies forward. In no respective order, here goes

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