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Top Medical Tourism Spots In The World

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Medical tourism is a term used to describe the practice of travelling across international borders for the sole purpose of obtaining health care. In the past decade many countries have become popular destinations to these rare kind of tourists. According to statistics, over 400,000 Americans and more than 7 million international citizens travel across borders yearly to take advantages of cheap but effective health care services, surgeries and treatments. The medical tourism industry is estimated to be worth $40 billion according to the latest estimates by PBB (Patients Beyond Borders), an international medical travel publisher.

The main motivation behind medical tourism is usually cost. According to statistics, you can save between 15 and 85 percent when you choose to seek treatment abroad instead of receiving treatment internally. Medical procedures i.e. double hip resurfacing cost approximately $55,000 in the US. In countries like India, the same procedure costs approximately $13,750. This represents a 75% cost saving which is huge considering India has all the necessary medical equipment to conduct most medical procedures successfully. India also has some of the best medical professionals in the world. In fact, most doctors in India and countries featured below are trained in the US.

The above information clearly shows why people prefer to travel across borders to seek medical services in other countries. Some of the most common medical services that trigger medical tourism include; cosmetic surgery, orthopaedics, cardiovascular surgery, cancer diagnosis/treatment and dental care. This is simply because there is a huge disparity in cost when seeking treatment internally. Although America is notorious for its expensive medical services, it is important to note that the US also receives many medical tourists especially those who are interested in cosmetic surgery and highly specialised treatments/procedures. This is because America boasts of having some of the best plastic surgeons in the world.

In this article, we will attempt to rank top medical tourism spots in the world based mainly on the number of tourists a country receives. We will however factor in cost and type of medical/cosmetic procedure among other important factors. It is worth noting that most popular treatment centers and hospitals in the top countries ranked below are JCI accredited meaning they meet international health standards in regards to medical staff, medical equipment & instruments, procedures and administrative infrastructure. Below is a list of top 10 medical tourism spots in the world.

10. Costa Rica (No. of medical tourists per year: 50,000)


According to statistics, approximately 50,000 international tourists visit Costa Rica every year to take advantage of affordable medical services in the country i.e. dental care and medical surgery. This is a huge figure considering it 50,000 medical tourists represent 15% of all international tourists who visit Costa Rica every year. This is precisely why Costa Rica makes it to this list. San Jose and its environs are home to hundreds of board certified doctors, dentists and surgeons who serve majority of the American medical tourists who visit Costa Rica. No wonder Costa Rica is among the top 5 most popular medical tourism destinations for US citizens.


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