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A Transgendered Childhood in Uganda (VIDEO)

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The memories from our childhood is something that often follow us for a long time, whether it’s bad memories or good memories, they’re always there. In the third episode of The Pearl of Africa, Cleopatra Kambugu, a 28-year old Ugandan transgender woman share her story of growing up as a trans woman in Kampala.

Recently reports came that the Ugandan government has left for holidays without voting on the much talked about “anti-gay-law.” Cleo’s story takes us into a rarely seen love story within the Ugandan LGBTIQ-community. In this video she talks about her family’s reaction when she came out. What LGBTIQ-parents in Uganda fear and what it her childhood was like.

This is the third episode in a six part web series. If you’ve missed the first two episodes of Cleo’s life watch them here. The documentary series follows her as she question gender identities and every human’s right to love someone openly. It’s a personal story about love, hate and being transgender in one of the world’s most trans and homophobic places.


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