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Trim your tummy in just 2 weeks: Can’t face baring your midriff on the beach this summer? Try this ultra-fast diet devised by a top cardiologist that targets your tum – just by cutting out wheat

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That summer beach holiday is tantalisingly close. But wherever you’re heading, it’s likely there’s one itsy-bitsy item that won’t be troubling your luggage allowance: that once-loved bikini now languishing in your bottom drawer.

Bare it: Many women find bearing their midriff a thing of terror but these tips should help boost confidenceFor many of us, whether you’re post-motherhood, peri-menopausal or simply middle-aged, the thought of baring our tummies on the beach is a thing of terror.

Instead of a two-piece, most women resort to hiding their midriff behind a sturdy swimsuit — with a sarong wrapped round them just in case.

But even if you’ve only got a few weeks until you jet off, you can still pack your bikini. All you have to do is follow our Two-Week Tummy Shrinking Diet, a clinically-proven weight-loss plan.

Put simply, it’s the fastest bikini diet ever. And, unlike detoxes or faddy eating plans, this diet is good for you, too.

Devised by cardiologist Dr William Davis, it kickstarts rapid weight loss — up to a pound a day, with a total loss of up to 10lb in two weeks.

Better still, our Two-Week Tummy Shrinking Diet is specifically targeted to attack your tummy fat, swiftly slimming your waist in record time.

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