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Triple killer Joanna Dennehy’s chilling joke to police officers after being arrested for murder

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Triple killer Joanna Dennehy laughed when she was arrested, joking to officers: ‘It could be worse, I could be fat.’

In an extraordinary video captured on CCTV, the 31-year-old danced into the the station lobby just half an hour after being apprehended by police, smiling gleefully at the officers around her.

Dennehy, who yesterday swore as she was told she would die in jail, can then be seen lifting up her top, flicking her hair and leaning casually on the front desk.

The shocking video, obtained by the Daily Mirror, shows the killer grinning and telling jokes in the station.

She told officers: ‘It could be worse, I could be big, fat, black and ugly.

‘Attempted murder and murder is nothing. It’s like going down for a Sunday roast, easy.’

She was branded a ‘cruel, calculating, selfish and manipulative’ murderer by Mr Justice Spencer at the Old Bailey as she became the first woman ever to be given a whole life sentence by a judge.


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