Trump fires 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria Homs airfield

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  • The US military fired more than 50 tomahawk missiles at al-Shayrat military airfield at 8.45pm EDT Thursday
  • Moves comes just hours after Trump said ‘something should happen’ following Tuesday’s gas-attack atrocity
  • Trump took action after more than 80 were killed and many were injured in the sarin poison gas attack
  • ‘Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack,’ he said after launching the strike
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a furious response calling airstrike an ‘illegal act of aggression’ 
  • US says airfield was used to store toxic weapons and was the base for the aircraft involved in the sarin attack
  • At least six were killed, and many more were injured, in the strike which has severely damaged the airbase 
  • US told Moscow it was launching an airstrike about 30 minutes in advance – but did not ask for permission


America has launched airstrikes against a Syrian air base, firing more than 50 Tomahawk missiles (centre) at the al-Shayrat military airfield (bottom right, from above and, top right, after the strike) near Homs at 8.45pm (EDT) on Thursday. Officials confirm that no fixed wing aircraft were involved. The move comes just hours after President Trump (left) denounced this week’s horrific chemical weapons attack as an ‘egregious crime’, saying ‘it shouldn’t have happened. And it shouldn’t be allowed to happen.’ But the military action has already sparked a furious response from Vladimir Putin, who this morning called the airstrikes an ‘illegal act of aggression’. The Russian President, who has backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad militarily, warned of grave damage to relations between Washington and Moscow which are already ‘in tatters’.

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