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Uganda: Councillor Nyakana in fresh city land wrangles

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Kampala Central Division Resident City Commissioner Ms Rose Kilabira and Central Division Mayor Godfrey Nyakana have been cited in land ownership wrangles in Kisenyi and Luzira city suburbs respectively.

According to an October 25 petition addressed to President Yoweri Museveni by a local investors’ forum, Ms Kilabira allegedly irregularly shifted land mark stones in Kisenyi – Mengo following a land wrangle between Hajj Umar Ssekamate and Ms Namudu Ggava.

“How can a government representative uproot survey stones without a court order?, Its funny that Ms Kilabira, who would otherwise be neutral and encouraging development is instead working against it,” Mr Ssekamate said during a press conference on Thursday, when the petition was signed by more than 20 investors.

Mr Ssekamate said he obtained the five-acre land last year and plans to construct a modern shopping centre with a modern commercial parking mall.

But Ms Kilabira said she was acting on President Museveni’s directive. She explained that apart from the land wrangles, Mr Ssekamate had also blocked the access to people’s homes and closed a natural water source in the area.

“The President, himself, called me and asked me to relocate the survey mark stones to the right position. The developer also failed to explain why he closed a community well in the area,” Ms Kilabira said.

Mr Ssekamate insists the well, a condemned source of water and a health threat, is contaminated as per the Kampala Capital City Authority public health report. “We instead provided five safe water taps for the residents,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Nyakana is in a fresh land row with Eng. A. Kisembo over a 40-acre land in Luzira, Nakawa Division.

According to Jinja Road Divisional Police Commander, Mr Weziri Nganizi, police have taken over possession of the controversial land after the two parties clashed on several occasions.

He said while the ownership question was still before court, each party was impatient and each claims bonafied occupancy.

“We have again arrested seven people after the two parties fought on Friday night. We are now protecting the land to avoid any possible loss of life during clashes,” Mr Nganizi said.

Last week, the two parties fought and destroyed several properties, crops and homes.
Mr Nganizi said those arrested face charges of criminal trespass, assault and malicious damage.

According to Mr Nyakana, the contentious land is on plot 46, 48, Sports Road and was obtained about 10 years ago and that he has the land title. He plans to construct an International Sports field with all sports facilities both indoors and out door games.

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