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Uganda denies Sudan claim of aiding rebels

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The government has dismissed as false, claims by the Sudanese government, that Uganda is aiding rebel and opposition elements intent on destabilising Sudan.

Sudan recently lodged several complaints with among others, the African Union and other regional organisations, accusing Uganda of supporting rebellion in Sudan.

On March 17, Sudanese media quoted Sudan’s National Assembly Speaker Ahmed Ibrahim al-Tahir, who announced Khartoum had embarked on talks with “forces in Uganda that are opposed to President Yoweri Museveni to bring about positive political influence”.

He, however, did not provide details in this regard.
“We want to rid them of the leadership that is taking them to [the path] of war and destruction and adopting agendas that does not belong to them,” Mr Al Tahir reportedly said.

Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kuteesa on Monday said Uganda had no intention of destabilising Sudan. “They can try but they will never succeed,” Mr Kutesa added, in regard to Mr Al Tahir’s threats.
International Affairs Minister Henry Oryem Okello also dismissed the allegations as “the usual Sudanese rubbish” and assured Ugandan’s of security of person and property.


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