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Uganda dismantles suspected child terrorist camp

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Ugandan authorities have expressed concern over the training of young children for future terror related activities, sometimes with the knowledge and consent of their parents.

Last week Ugandan police freed 24 children, 13 girls and 11 boys, between the ages of 5 and 15 years from a camp where they were being trained for suspected terrorist activities.

The children have demonstrated to us some of the military and terrorist tactics

The operation, which was carried out last week, was only made public by the police on Wednesday.

“We have rescued the children after getting reports that they were being taught bad ideas.

“The children have demonstrated to us some of the military and terrorist tactics, which they have been taught,” Uganda police spokesman, Fred Enanga said.

The camp is situated in Mpoma village, about 27km east of the capital, Kampala.

Two of the camp’s instructors, who were arrested by the police, are believed to belong to the ADF rebel group.

ADF rebels, who fought against government of Uganda in western Uganda in 1990’s, fled to the jungles of eastern DRC, where they currently operate from.

“Some Muslim parents offer their children to instructors with links to rebel activities for combat training, which is unfortunate,” Enanga said.

He said police intelligence indicated that the children were being sent out of the country for either more training or preparations to carry out missions in Uganda.

According to some parents of the rescued children, however, they allowed their wards to be taken on the promise that they were being taken to Islamic schools.

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