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Uganda: Drugs suspected in artist AK47’s death, police rule out murder

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Instead, it is now suspected that AK47 (Emmanuel Mayanja) could have fallen to his death, possibly after consuming toxic substances.Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told The Observer that the posture in which AK47 was found lying indicated that he fell after losing his stability.

“He fell backward and [was found] lying on his back straight on the floor when he had not even completed urinating since his trousers were still open. This indicated that he[lost stability] when he was still urinating,” Enanga said.

He explained that if AK47, 24, had been hit from behind while urinating, he couldn’t have fallen at the back.

“He would absolutely fall in front, because of the way he would be standing while urinating,” he said.


Meanwhile, according to the postmortem report by the police pathologist, Dr Moses Byaruhanga, the cause of death was “head trauma.”

The two-page report, dated March 17, says there was an open wound at the back of his head, resulting from the fall. As thus there was bleeding “at the base of the brain” which resulted into death.

However, samples of his body parts have been retained to carry out  toxicology tests.

“We want to find out if he had taken foreign substance such as poison or drugs before his death. We expect the results next week to confirm,” Enanga said.

He added that after cleaning up AK47’s body in the hospital, they found no bruises or scars as people indicated. It only had tattoos.

“When people saw clots of blood from his nasals which also fell around his neck, they thought it was bruises or scars.  This is not true, there were no bruises on his body,” Enanga said.


A police report into the death of the musician, released yesterday, notes that the police team that visited Dejavu bar, the scene of death, recovered “pieces of narcotic drugs, (opium), from where the deceased and colleagues…were earlier seated.”

The police team established that members of the music group Team No Sleep, to which AK47 belonged, spend most of their time at the bar practicing music and sharing ideas.

On the fateful day, the team established, all members of the group “were having good moments while sharing music and smoking. There was no quarrel or fight that night.”

At around 9:30pm, the “deceased left other members having fun after ordering for food and went for a short call in the urinals behind the bar.”

The report says the deceased entered the urinals alone but a few minutes later, a cleaner, Milton Mumbere, heard a bang and rushed to check. He found AK47 on his back.

The report says AK47 was unconscious, prompting Mumbere to call a bouncer, Thomas Mwima, who called the manager. The police report says the unnamed manager rushed AK47 to a nearby pharmacy, which referred them immediately to Nsambya hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.


AK47 was a brother to renowned musicians Joseph Mayanja (Jose Chameleone) Weasel (Douglas Mayanja) and Pallaso (Pius Mayanja). The musician was buried yesterday in Mityana. He is survived by three children.

Gerald Mayanja, his father, had earlier asked police to speed up their investigations to find out the exact cause of his son’s death. In his last post on Instagram, AK47 talks of how he had given his life to Christ in his last days.

At the time of his death, AK47 was working on his first gospel album.



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