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Uganda: Former MP Mike Mukula on Hunger Strike in Luzira

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Reality is sinking in Mukula’s brain that a jail is no holiday.

Soroti municipality MP also  former health state minister ,Mike Mukula  is on hunger Strike in Luzira Prison .Mukula has refused to eat any food provided by the prison fearing that he may be poisoned .

He says that he is not comfortable with any food provided ,he suspects that it could be mixed with chemicals intended to take his life slowly. Prison authorities have refused his family members to carry any food from home to his cell.

Mukula was admitted to ward B1 of Murchison Bay Prison, Luzira but did not get VIP treatment, he was allocated a cubicle, which he shares with two other inmates. He was also allocated a prison number – MBP 148/2013 – and a yellow uniform.

By Juma Nsubuga

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