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Uganda: Kabaka Mutebi Launches Mengo Telecom Company Today

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If you thought the very successful CBS radio business had sufficiently tamed Buganda kingdom’s appetite to do business and excel, just read this. We have reliably learnt that the very enterprising Kabaka Mutebi is today (31/12/2012) set to launch “K2 TELECOM,” a telecom company meant to serve Ugandans while competing with other established players like MTN, Airtel Uganda, Orange Telecom and others.

We have learnt that just like the highly successful CBS radio business, K2 Telecom is another business Buganda/Kabaka is going to own as a joint venture with other wealthy business-minded Ugandans.

Kabaka/Buganda will, according to sources, have the biggest shareholding in the company whose swanky offices are to be situated at a swanky building near Crested Towers.

“There is free space in Bulange but for purposes of corporate branding, we chose to acquire a building near crested towers and have K2 TELECOM situated in a corporate atmosphere just like Warid, MTN, Orange and others,” said a palace source close to the king.

The Kabaka is meant to officially launch K2 TELECOM today December 31st in front of millions of his subjects expected to turn up to attend the CBS annual fete/event called Enkuuka. The daylong event has always attracted millions of Kabaka’s subjects in Lubiri were all top musicians always perform and join the king to usher in the New Year. We are told an interim management structure for K2 TELECOM is already in place and Kabaka’s telecom company has fully been licensed and is ready to begin serving the public on January 1st 2013.

We are told Kabaka’s telecom is going to have such a high quality signal and will cover the whole country from the very onset. Sources in Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), which regulates telecom business, revealed to us that Kabaka’s telecom company will have “0730” as its calling code.

We established that highly experienced Saul Katumba Segawa is overseeing an interim team that will have the mandate to recruit a permanent personnel team of highly qualified and efficient managers in the coming weeks. Katumba, who first joined Kabaka’s service as a news anchor on CBS radio, currently is a senior manager with Buganda Land Board (BLB) which manages Kabaka’s vast estate stretching to over 350 Square Miles of prime land mostly in Kampala and Wakiso districts. Highly enterprising BLB, whose top managers include Prince David Wasajja, is also responsible for state of the art shopping arcade called Muganzirwaza in Katwe which the Kabaka recently unveiled before thousands of cheering subjects.

BLB bosses mainly oversee the wellbeing of Kabaka’s businesses.

Source: Redpepper


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