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Uganda: Nantaba angry as Kabaka visits Kayunga Lord

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Kayunga – Following the failed 2009 Kabaka visit, Kayunga has been in the news lately for its land disputes, which caused junior Lands minister Idah Nantaba to boycott one leg of the Kabaka’s current visit in protest.

The Kayunga Woman MP, who was otherwise at the king’s side throughout the tour, took exception to Kabaka Mutebi’s decision to visit Moses Karangwa’s farm, and excused herself.

Nantaba has previously had several run-ins with the prominent farmer who owns large chunks of land in the area.

While Karangwa initially lost some of his farm land at Kinamawanga, with the minister arguing that it was illegally grabbed from peasants, he finally regained it after the intervention of President Museveni and police chief Gen Kale Kayihura.

Yet it was almost inevitable that during the tour of model farmers in the area, Karangwa’s farm would come up. Nevertheless the minister argued that her “conscience would not permit her” to visit the Karangwas. She even appeared to ridicule the whole idea.

“The Kabaka was tricked [into touring] with one or two cows that they are going to give him yet that farm is part of the land that they (Karangwas) grabbed,” Nantaba told The Observer in a brief interview.

“I wouldn’t go there because if I did, I would be giving approval to their illegal activities,” she declared.

At the farm, the Kabaka was treated to Rwandan traditional dance and given gourds of milk plus 10 cows, eight more than Nantaba had predicted. Asked about the minister’s snubbing act, an excited Karangwa said he had no time to respond to Nantaba.

The Kabaka has so far spent two eventful days in Kayunga, generating excitement amongst his subjects here. In these two days, he has immunized children, given surnames to two children and launched a produce store, among other activities.

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