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Uganda tops Africa in alcohol consumption

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Ugandans consume more alcohol than counterparts in any African country, demonstrating the citizens’ abiding love for liquor, according to a survey done by US broadcaster Cable News Network (CNN).

Titled ‘World’s 10 best-drinking nations’, Uganda is ranked 8th globally ahead of Germany and Australia at positions 9 and 10, respectively. The worst drinkers in the world, according to the ranking, are British nationals who use bars to crack deals, initiate and end relationships, settle scores and overcome their “traditional reserve”.

In Uganda’s case, the study says patrons generously drink “waragi, also known as war gin because it was once used to fortify troops. Though drinking too much inevitably leads to surrender.”

“Uganda leads its African neighbours for alcohol intake, largely thanks to a rampant trade in illegally made rotgut and a winning formula of booze made from bananas,” the broadcaster noted in its study published online. The ranking offered no benchmarks or figures, making it impossible to determine how scientific or not the research was.

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