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Uganda UK Convention, “resourceful…an eye–opener!”

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The time is now to go back home and investigate business investment opportunities

Investment Opportunities
What an amazing event! A great privilege for me, hosting one of the best ever Uganda conventions held in this part of the world. No doubt one of the most organised events from our community I have ever seen. The Convention showcased numerous investment opportunities for people looking to invest in Uganda as well as East Africa and especially for we Ugandans in the Diaspora. The opportunities in education, energy, transport, real estate, finance, ICT and agriculture, were some of the best investment opportunities for any Ugandan or simply anyone, looking for the best return on investment, whilst at the same time making a difference to our people back home.

The Best Opportunity for an African is in Africa
I think the time to take our skills and money back home is NOW. The Convention was definitely a wakeup call for me. There is an opportunity in literally every sector you can think of. It came out clearly that anyone can start a project; the investment could be in hundreds of pounds or hundreds of millions of pounds.

The return on the investment is as good as anywhere in the world; actually Africa currently offers ‘the highest returns on foreign direct investment of any region in the world. I’ve always maintained that the best opportunity for an African is in Africa, and it follows that the best opportunity for a Ugandan is in Uganda. The next step for us therefore, is to go back home and not just to party or catch up with our families, but to also investigate these business investment opportunities.
I am excited about bringing these investments so well talked about throughout the Convention, to East Africa through my company Action Wealth Investment Group, as well as share some of our Wealth Creation Strategies with my fellow East Africans.  Really, hands down, there is nothing that beats helping your country and making a profit in the process!

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