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Uganda Urged to Review Agriculture Budget

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Kampala — Agriculture was allocated Ush447.16b ($178.8m) in the national budget for the financial year 2011/12.

Agriculture sector is characterized by low production, high food prices due to failure to meet the demand.

“Due to inefficiencies in the previous agricultural budget, the sector would have been allocated Ush336.04b ($134.4m), a reduction of almost 2% but due to pressure from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the 2012/13 budget was raised to 585.3b ($234.1m)”, said Mr. Keith Muhakanizi Deputy Secretary to the Treasury Ministry of Finance during a meeting with CSOs in Kampala, recently.

Since the agricultural sector employs the biggest segment of the population, CSOs want the budget increased for farmers at all levels to benefit. CSOs claim that the budget only benefits large scale commercial farmers yet small and medium scale farmers are the majority and produce most of the food consumed locally.

Muhakanizi said though CSOs are pushing for the agricultural budget review and increment, this may not be possible because government money is only increased in sectors where there is efficiency and this is why the irrigation segment was removed from the Agriculture ministry to the Water ministry where there is efficiency.

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