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Ugandan Dennis Wandera’s $100 to $10 million journey

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In the cramped hustle of Uganda’s business district, Dennis Wandera reflects on his path to success. He built his company up from scratch and now commands a healthy presence in the country’s booming construction sector.

We started way back in December 2000, and over the years we have grown from small renovation works to bigger construction,” explains Dennis.

It’s been a tough 12 years, but with a little blood, sweat and tears, PlanBuild has taken like a duck to water. For a company that used to squeeze construction jobs out of small-time projects for a measly $100, PlanBuild’s current turnover of $10 million a year rocketed him to success. Dennis narrows his company’s growth down to his drive, vision and will to succeed that is rooted in a fervent obsession with quality.

What we value as a core is quality, and we believe it is the quality that produces the business, because we get so many referral jobs. We are a good team, motivated and young,” he says.

Dennis has favoured hiring Uganda’s youth in the last few years because he feels that they can be trained the correct way from the beginning and be shaped into successful, strong leaders of the future. Youngsters do, after all, learn quickest. They also possess the strength and temperament to operate in this taxing industry under the harsh African sun. This is just one of the reasons that PlanBuild has managed to prove doubters wrong in Uganda’s grueling construction industry.

His team are honest, reliable and have proven to break their backs to get the job done. Not literally, of course. As an African man growing up surrounded by poverty, Dennis has also learnt humility and his calming influence is a beacon of reassurance to those around him.

We often send our staff to go to help out when we have medical projects with the Rotary Club. That’s one way we give to the community to make it better.”

Dennis and his PlanBuild team have proven that it is possible to climb to the top of the food chain that is Uganda’s cutthroat construction industry. With a key ingredient like humility, success in any sector is made all the more possible.



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