UK: Sports Minister Helen Grant: Quiz failure, can’t even name FA Cup winners

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Sports Minister Helen Grant was left humiliated after she failed to get a single question right in a basic quiz – on sport.

The Conservative MP did not know the name of the current Wimbledon women’s champion.

She also scored an own-goal by not knowing who won this year’s FA Cup.

Mrs Grant bungled her way through five questions and got every answer wrong, even when she tried to cheat by seeking help from an adviser.

She was quizzed in a toe-curling exchange with ITV Meridian. Asked who won the women’s title at Wimbledon, she replied: ‘It’s not one of us.

‘I know Andy Murray did it for us, which is absolutely fantastic and that’s the important thing.’ The correct answer was Marion Bartoli of France.

Next she was asked who the FA Cup holders were. A slightly anxious-looking Mrs Grant said: ‘Come on, help,’ before replying: ‘Manchester United because it’s my favourite club.’

Most football fans would know if their team had won such a coveted trophy. The correct answer was Wigan Athletic.

Mrs Grant did not even attempt to name the England Rugby Union captain (Chris Robshaw) simply replying: ‘What about hockey?’

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