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UK migration cap set to be reduced further

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The annual migration cap for non-EU skilled workers is set to be reduced further because of low uptake, the Prime Minister said yesterday. The migration cap, which was introduced on a permanent basis in April 2011, limited the number of non-EU skilled workers entering into under the Tier 2 route to 20,700. The annual figure is then split into monthly quotas which fill up as companies apply to bring employees into the UK. The number of visas being issued, however, is falling well short of the monthly quota. As a result, the annual cap will now be reduced, David Cameron said in a speech.

Said the Prime Minister, "Many predicted that [the cap] wouldn’t work and that it would stop British businesses getting the workers they need – but the evidence shows this just hasn’t been the case. That limit of 20,700 for the year has been undersubscribed each and every month since it was introduced, with businesses currently using less than half of their monthly quotas. "That provides the opportunity to consider with business what further tightening of the system may be possible without undermining growth," continued Mr Cameron. "We will be asking the Migration Advisory Committee, in consultation with business, to look into this whole area again and to reconsider whether the limit is set at the right level."

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