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Unleash Fire! Amazon reveals revolutionary ‘holophone’ to take on Apple and Google – and it can even let you shop just by looking at what you want to buy

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  • 4.7inch phone uses four front facing cameras to show 3D images that ‘float like holograms’
  • Users can also tilt phone to navigate around menus
  • Has 13MP camera – and claims it can take better pictures that the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5
  • Jeff Bezos unveiled handset at launch in Seattle
  • Firefly app recognizes what the user is looking at and hearing – and can let people buy them on Amazon
  • Only available in the US with AT&T starting at $199, with a two-year contract on July 25th – or $649 with no contract

Amazon has launched its first mobile phone in a bid to take on Apple and Google.
The Fire handset was unveiled by Jeff Bezos at a special event in Seattle.
‘It’s time to whip the crown from Apple,’ said Mr Bezos before showing off the new handset for the first time.

The Fire will use head-tracking technology to make images on the smartphone’s display appear to be 3D with a feature called ‘dynamic perspective’.
‘There is always more to see by changing your perspective,’ Bezos said.
‘What if there were a thousand artists standing by to redraw the picture every time you moved your head?’
Apps using the new feature includes a Maps app that lets users see around buildings.
Users can also tilt the phone to ‘look around’ an on screen map.
The handset has a 4.7-inch display with 720p HD resolution, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM, and six individual camera modules to make the 3D effect work.
It will run a highly customized version of Google’s Android operating system similar to the one seen on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets, and come with special tangle-free headphones.

Apps available at launch include Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus and ESPN.

It also boasts a Gorilla Glass 3 screen with a rubber frame, and aluminum buttons.

Users will also have unlimited photo storage via the Amazon Cloud, and syncing with the company’s recently launched Fire TV set-top box so you can send media to your TV.

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