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Unlocking Investment Potential for Diasporans

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While so much of Uganda’s economic growth can be attributed to the peaceful civil society, it is important to acknowledge that economic potential can only be fulfilled if the investment climate is conducive to doing business especially for the Small and Medium Enterprises. Ugandans in the Diaspora can be a good source of this SME sector and it is now that Diasporas can exploit such opportunities, rather than at a later period. 

Uganda Investment Authority has released 250 business ideas so that Ugandan entrepreneurs in the Diaspora have an idea of what opportunities are available. The list is not exhaustive but a mere guide. 

The level of investment of the business idea ranges from US$ 1,818 for the smallest to US$ 700,000 for the largest. The business ideas cover 3 sectors that include; agriculture, manufacturing and services. Investing in Uganda now will offer ‘the highest return on direct investment than anywhere in the West.

Doing business in Uganda can pose some challenges, which can emanate from poor infrastructure, skilled workforce, dishonest management class, access to low interest credit/finance and many obstacles.  In order to overcome and lessen these challenges a feasibility and due diligence is advised before embarking on any investment. 

Contact Mr. John Musajjakawa of Uganda Investment authority for more information on that particular idea.
Mr. John musajjakawa


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