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US city descends into violence, looting and arson after grand jury decides NOT to indict white officer for killing unarmed black teenager

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  • A grand jury decided not to charge Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer Darren Wilson over the shooting death of black teen Michael Brown this past summer
  • Wilson shot dead unarmed Brown on August 9, and evidence released after the decision shows he was pursuing the teen in connection to a convenience-store robbery
  • Brown’s family said they were ‘profoundly disappointed’ with the decision, while calling for peaceful protests  
  • Ferguson protesters turned violent throwing rocks, looting businesses and setting cars and buildings on fire
  • More than a dozen local businesses were set on fire including a storage center, Walgreens and pizza shop
  • Hundreds of live gunshots were heard, with reports suggesting police officers were being targeted by rioters
  • Missouri cop was shot an in unknown condition amid violent protests
  • So far there have been 29 arrests, 13 injuries – and no fatalities, with police saying they have not fired any shots  

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The small Missouri town where an unarmed black teenager was shot dead burned amid violent protests after it was announced the officer who shot him would not face prosecution.Flames engulfed stores and cars in Ferguson early on Tuesday morning and gunfire reportedly kept firefighters at bay. Protesters smashed windows out of police cars and buildings, several of which were later looted and set ablaze, and officers lobbed tear gas from inside armored vehicles to disperse crowds in scenes reminiscent of the early days of unrest that followed the August 9 shooting. The violence came after a Grand Jury announced Darren Wilson, who is white, would not face prosecution for shooting unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown. The violence came despite pleas for peace from Brown’s family and others.

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