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Use Fashion to Express your Personality

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Dressing for your body personality is not only a great way to be comfortable but, it’s a great way to make your clothes look that much more desirable.  Have you ever seen a person who looks like they were forced to wear a particular outfit? It just displaces them out of their true essence. They fidget, grab at their clothes, tug, shift their weight from side to side and, they just plainly look uncomfortable.

The more true you are to the real you, the more you’ll be able to carry an outfit with confidence.  Marilyn Monroe was right when she said ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’ (source). So, what does your wardrobe say about your personality?

The outfit your wear is a garment that tells a story about your personality.  We are told many times not to ‘judge a book by its cover’ or not to make estimations about a person based only on appearances.  It’s the hardest thing to do because human intellect makes it so.  What we’re able to access immediately, we’re able to form our opinions. Might as well put your best shoe forward on this.

Wear Fitted Clothes

Dressing for your personality involves wearing fitted outfits.  Ever seen a salesman in a cheap suit! Nothing looks as bad as an ill fitting anything.  If you have to buy larger sizes, because your real size is not available, go straight to the tailor and get yourself sized up.

It’s all about the way a garment hangs on your frame. This can make a difference in terms of making an expensive outfit look cheap or, making an affordable item look expensive.

It’s All About Presentation

You can two people wearing the same outfit but the person who knows how to incorporate their persona always looks better.  Have you seen those celebrity shots where two celebs are wearing identical outfits but one is voted down (for one reason or another)?

It’s all because one of them is embracing what is real to them in terms of accessories, color and size (to name a few).  Presentation is not about how much an outfit costs. It’s all about the way you find to pair it with other complementary things. It could be that you throw on some statement earrings and keep the rest of the outfit simple.  It can also be the fact that you’re bold enough to attempt different styles and prints.

Knowing the Public Image Versus Private

Now we’re not asking you to go to the grocery store in the morning wearing classy gowns from bluegala! But, it’s crucial to know that how you dress leads to how people perceive your personality.  If you want to be the glitzy Coco Channel, throw on some rouge lips and a clutch purse.

If you’re going for the easygoing yogi, put some well-fitted sweat pants on.  Sloppy dressing is one of the things that can cause some misrepresentation to your personality.  There is a time for dressing to stay at home, dressing for work, dressing for socialization and dressing for business formalities. Therefore, what you wear must suit the proper occasion.

So, when you’re dressing up, think of the impression you want people to have of you. When you’re out shopping, think about filling your wardrobe with the image you want to portray.  Your dress says more than you think so make it the best moment you can make.

You have the power to paint your personality by piecing fashion items together.  Think of yourself as a package. The more attractive the packaging, the more people are willing to buy.

by Lindsey McMahon
Freelance Writer 


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