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Uwiringiyimana Theogene (Bosebabireba) to launch 8th Album

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Uwiringiyimana Theogene known from his hit song “Bosebabireba” and from where also came his nick name, is about to launch his 8th solo album this year.According to Bosebabireba guy,the event to launch the album will be one of the greatest gospel event in Rwanda.



“I think one of the reason which make some of the artists to launch their cds/dvds is to promote their music…for me God gave me favor so that every time I released a song,it is directly become a hit.That’s why up to recently I was not interested in doing concerts,apart of course from Evangelization Concerts and outreaches”-Said Theo.



When interviewed by Izuba newspaper about why now and waiting all this time and 8 albums in order to think about doing a launch, Theo continues that:”You know for me life is not just music,all this past years I tried first to organize my life by having a house and other projects I wanted also to finish before in order to be more stable so that I can do my music in peace…if you know what I mean”.



Bosebabireba’s concert will be according to him in Kigali and will feature most of the local gospel music celebrities.The concert is due in November 2012. We wish him good preparation for this project,for the Glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



Check out the following latest released video from Theo : Umutima Uragukumbuye.
[youtube id=”K1G_uB11xPY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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