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Video: Good Santa vs. Bad Santa – The Battle for Christmas

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Mark Henry and Damien Sandow square off in the Battle for Christmas.

In an effort to prove Fox News Correspondent Megyn Kelly worng, The WWW staged a fight against black Santa (the good Santa) and white Santa (the bad santa) to help ring in the Christmas season.

In the three minute video, the Santas are seen going at it. While the white Santa is hell bent on trying to destroy Christmas, the black Santa perserveres through white Santa’s antics and delivers a well-deserved ass whooping.

Kelly’s Santa controversy began when she went on the air to to respond to Slate writer Aisha Harris‘ blog post titled “Santa Claus Should Not Be A White Man Anymore” in which Kelly responded by saying that Santa and Jesus are both white because…well they just are…duh!

I’m pretty sure Kelly and the rest of Fox news will have their thoughts on this splendid performance presented by the WWE, but who cares, just enjoy the show.

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