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Video: Imperialist states seek to re-enter Africa (Press TV)

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Press TV has conducted an interview with Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire (Detroit), to discuss the ceasefire negotiations by the warring parties in South Sudan to resolve the deadly conflict in the violence-hit African country.

A rough transcription of the interview follows.

Press TV: Mr. Azikiwe, just how much do you think these talk will be fruitful despite the violence continuing?

Azikiwe: It remains to be seen. There was an announcement just yesterday that the allegations made by President Salva Kiir that they have retaken the capital of Bor and of course the capital of Jonglei state were false and that they were actually fighting supporters of Riek Machar from Bor in Jonglei state to the capital of Juba and from the news reports that have come out within the last several hours there have been intense clashes on the outskirts of Juba.

So it remains to be seen if these talks can really solve the impending crisis that is going on right now inside of South Sudan.

Press TV: Is there a greater sinister plan for the African continent, as some like to put it, with several African countries becoming the playground for western countries, in particular France?

Azikiwe: It is already going on. It is escalating on a weekly and a monthly basis. We see now full-blown United Nations mandated operations in the Central African Republic and also the horn of African nation of Somalia.

Now with the escalation of fighting inside of South Sudan, this will inevitably bring about the increase in foreign forces as it is producing in the Central African Republic as well.

Yes the imperialist countries are looking for all mechanisms that are at their disposal to re-enter Africa and to take control of their natural resources which are indispensable to the world economic system.

Press TV: But then the role of the African Union comes into question here. What role does this whole Union play to bring the whole continent together?

Azikiwe: Yes the African Union has to be more vigorous. They have to be more militant in regard to developing their own African standby force that can intervene in these conflicts independent of the United States, France, Britain and the other imperialist countries. If this does not take place, it just provides a breeding ground for further imperialist intrigue in Africa.

If they can make it appear as if the post-colonial African states cannot handle their own affairs, if these national conflicts spread on a regional level, then of course this provides a rationale for the US, for France and the other imperialist countries to enter these states and to set their own agenda and their agenda of course is to rob these countries as they have done for centuries now of their national resources as well as their labor.

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