Video 2015: Remarks by Hon. Cecilia Ogwal, the Opposition Chief Whip

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Hon. Cecilia Ogwal, the Opposition Chief Whip, as a commercial farmer shared the importance of agriculture to Ugandans. She pointed out that 26% GDP is contributed by agriculture and 66% of the workforce in Uganda is involved in agriculture. In order for the government to reduce poverty in Uganda, more investment is needed in the agriculture sector. She appealed to Ugandans in the Diaspora to help the parliament in policy understanding because the rate of growth in the sector is still very low at just 1.5% and the share of the budget is just a mere 2.98% of the total budget which should have been 5% as prescribed by the government. She emphasized the importance of land tenure law transformation and utilizing it fully to alleviate poverty in Uganda.

She also advised investors to negotiate leasing land with land owners to make them involved and utilizing the land for future generations. It is an asset that needs to be exploited for the interest of the people of Uganda. She also added that Uganda is endowed with arable land that can be utilized to curb the unemployment of the youth.


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