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Want a good night’s sleep? Quit smoking…

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…Cigarette smoke disrupts the body clock

People try everything from sleeping pills to exercise to help them get a good night’s sleep.

Now, research suggests the best tactic might be to give up smoking.

Researchers found smoking can disrupt sleep leading to conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Smoking can prevent restful sleep which can, in turn, lead to depression and anxiety

They found smoking disrupts the body clock in the lungs and the brain.

As a result, it prevents restful sleep – a lack of sleep can, in turn, cause cognitive decline, mood disorders, depression and anxiety.

‘This study has found a common pathway whereby cigarette smoke impacts both pulmonary and neurophysiological function,’ said Dr Irfan Rahman from the University of Rochester Medical Centre in New York.

Dr Rahman and his colleagues found tobacco smoke affects the body clock in the lungs by causing inflammation, and by depressing levels of brain activity.

They found that even short-term smoking decreased a molecule known as SIRTUIN1 and this reduction altered the level of the protein that controls the clock in mice.

A similar reduction was seen in lung tissue from human smokers.

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