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Well-off women have better and safer sex: Wealth and social standing mean a more satisfying love life, says new study

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Your socioeconomic status is based on a combination of factors including income, education and occupation

Those looking to improve their sex life may think key factors are sexual chemistry, physical attraction and energy.

However new research suggests that your socioeconomic status (based on income, education and occupation) affects how satisfying you are likely to find your love life.

A new analysis based on the first Spanish National Sexual Health Survey, carried out in 2009, confirms that socioeconomic factors affect sexual satisfaction and found that people with a lower economic status claim to be less sexually satisfied, particularly women.

Investigators at the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB) have analysed the influence of various socioeconomic factors on the results of the first Spanish National Sexual Health Survey carried out by the Centre for Sociological Research.

This survey, for which 9,850 interviews were carried out, showed that approximately 90 per cent of men and women claimed to be very satisfied or quite satisfied with their sex life in general, and that 95 per cent were satisfied with the sexual relations they had had during the previous year.

Furthermore, people claimed to be more satisfied with sexual relations they had with a stable partner (97 per cent of men and 96 per cent of women) than with a casual partner (88 per cent of men and 80 per cent of women).

With the new study, the experts confirmed that socioeconomic factors affect sexual satisfaction.


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