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Who runs the world?

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African Women! Women4Africa Awards honors Africa’s finest female breadwinners!
Women for Africa’ was birthed from a 20 year desire and passion to see women honoured and appreciated in a celebratory way. Everywhere you go in life you see women. Focused, driven, determined, ambitious, resourceful, passionate, talented, inspiring are just some of the characteristics that are embodied in these women.
Africa has over 50 countries and a large number of women who are unique and different in their own individual ways. Women of all walks of life tend to face a lot of challenges in today’s society and we feel it is time to recognise this, hence the enthusiasm for creating the Awards for 2012.

The hostess for the night was Madam Deputy Mayor herself, Councilor Mrs. Elizabeth Rutherford. Competing on the night, were 15 gorgeous African Princesses, who all came together to celebrate the best of Africa. The beautiful event was attended by over 600 guests from all walks of life. judging by the post-event feedback , the venue was gloriously decorated, to the admiration of all.

As a winner of the award, Educator of the Year, for my invention of Premae Skincare and health education in the local and global communities (from Hackney to Kampala in Uganda), I was honoUred to be surrounded by such talented women, humble and beautiful mothers, sisters, aunties and friends who are leaders and pioneers, moving and shaking the world in their own right, forcing the world to listen and learn!

Long gone is the American 1920- 1950’s Hollywood image of the black woman, a slave, a maid, a 2nd class citizen bought and sold for hard labor and child bearing. A dumb-down, demoralized human being, devoid of intellect and character. The fact that African American women has fought for us to have a voice in the realms of business and achievements beyond our counterparts is a continual triumph and we need more! We need more Oprah Winfrey’s, WiseTola’s, and Betty Makoni’s. But we need to help each other be better. Together, Everyone Achieves More (TEAM).

Today, African women are diverse, sexy, creative, bosses, CEO’s and mumpreneurs. Today, young girls are buying their own houses, travelling the world and all with or without a man, boyfriend or husband. Today’s African woman is the torch holder for greatness and to be frank – her man is happy to let her shine, and bask in her glory.

We came from Adam’s rib, but the fundamental difference is the womb, hence the term ‘womb-man” or woman. It is in this region of the body, our solar plexus, that allows us to reproduce life, experience gut instinct and is attuned with our brain to create, analyze and strategize beauty and wisdom in our uniquely feminine way.

Women are running the world. And to be more blunt, African women are running the world! I don’t know whether its our maternal instinct and ability to understand what the world needs in the realm of the home, business and education but we are changing the face of the world – join us with love and support or simply get out of the way!
In the worlds of the great Beyonce Knowles “Girls – who run this mother (earth)?”

We do!

Please follow the journey for Women4Africa 2013, nomination entries are open now:

Written by Promota’s Health and Business Editor, Award Winning Educator Clare Eluka @premae_clare

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