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Why I cut off my own penis: Rapper who ‘used a steak knife for botched DIY vasectomy before jumping off balcony’ speaks out

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  • Andre Johnson, 40, chopped off his own penis inside a North Hollywood apartment about 1am on April 16
  • He then jumped off a second story balcony
  • Goes by the name Christ Bearer or C.B. as part of rap duo Northstar, founded by Wu-Tang
  • Johnson was reported to be under the influence of dangerous dissociative drug PCP at the time
  • Speaking for the first time he said it was depression that drove him to do it
  • He is not allowed to see his two daughters
  • Admitted to have smoked weed earlier in the night
  • Doctors were able to reattach his member

The Los Angeles rapper who sliced off his own genitalia before jumping out of a window has broken his silence about the ugly incident last month, saying depression drove him to do it.

Andre Johnson – who performs under the stage name Christ Bearer with the Wu-Tang affiliated group Northstar – was reported to have been high on dangerous psychedelic PCP when he cut off his penis and leaped from a two-storey baclony in North Hollywood.

But the 40-year-old, also known as C.B., has now told TMZ that he was smoking weed and reading a book about monks and vasectomies right before the self-castration.

He said he felt his 'world was collapsing' after being prevent from seeing his two daughters due to a restraining order, and that he had a third child on the way.


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