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Why P Square brothers fought over money

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By now, you have heard about the P Square ‘war’ that exposed the two Nigerian superstars in bad light last week, leaving the entire continent in shock.

It all started after Jude Okoye, the older brother and manager of P-Square revealed the major break-up rumour on Twitter saying:

“After ten years of hard work, its over. (I) am done.”

According to our source in Nigeria, the battle that is threatening to tear P Square, one of the most celebrated African music group, apart is fueled by financial differences. It all started after Jude gave cash to Peter’s (one half of the P Square duo) personal assistant cash meant to buy him a new car.

However, the money was put into a different use. Not amused by the move, Jude drove into the Okoye’s Squareville and upon questioning Peter’s personal assistance, a fight broke. It is said Peter punched his brother to the ground.

However, Paul, the calm one among the brothers seems to have calmed things down after calling the two to reconcile.

Early this week, he took to his Facebook and wrote: “After the storm comes the calm. Hoping for better days ahead as one family. God’s intervention.”


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