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Chatting immediately after sex makes couples feel closer

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Why pillow talk matters: Chatting immediately after sex makes couples feel closer and more secure, claims scientist

Many people feel more comfortable revealing their true feelings, hopes and stresses to a partner after sex and now one researcher thinks she knows why.

Amanda Denes believes pillow talk is an undervalued ingredient in a satisfying and enduring relationship and is linked to the production of the ‘trust hormone’ called oxytocin, which is released after orgasm.

She found that women who orgasmed disclosed more intimate feelings to their partner after sex than women who did not orgasm, which increased the emotional bond between couples.

Amanda Denes believes post-sex pillow talk can influence relationship satisfaction just as much as other factors, such as the frequency and satisfaction of sex itself

The Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Connecticut, became interested in investigating the role of pillow talk in relationships as people have such different experiences of it.

Many people said they open up about their feelings to a partner after sex regardless of the length of a relationship – a time period described as the post-coital time interval (PCTI) by researchers Daniel Kruger and Susan Hughes.

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