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Will Smith’s in Talks to Play Doctor in Football Medical Drama ‘Game Brain’

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*Will Smith might have pulled out of one film project last week, but he’s in talks to star in another one.

Smith pulled out of Legendary’s Sci-Fi film, “Brilliance” and now he’s up for the lead role in a football concussion drama, “Game Brain.”

Peter Landesman is set to direct and write the film. It’s based on a GQ article by Jeanne Marie Laskas.

Ridley Scott and Giannina Facio of  Scott Free, and Larry Shuman and David Woltoff of the Shuman Company will produce the film.

Smith’s up for playing Dr. Bennet Omalu, a forensic neuropathologist who first discovered the existence of CTE in a professional football player.

Omalu worked extremely hard to raise public awareness, but he became caught between his ethical obligations and the NFL harsh realities.

Football concussions are actually a hot topic in Hollywood right now.

Other football concussion movies include  “League of Denial” and “Game Time Decision.”

But these films could be in trouble if Smith takes the part. It’ll be quite the competition for the other smaller films.
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