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Writers and contributors wanted with interest in Africa issues…

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The Promota magazine require writers with interest in Africa issues who would be willing to contribute positive stories on Africa in the Promota Magazine. The Promota is a Bi-monthly in the UK.

Our topics of interest range from business, community development in Africa and the Diaspora communities all over the world, culture, world affairs, tourism, personal development, social issues, health topics and a blend of other subjects – provided such news ensures that our readers are kept informed about those who want to make a difference in Africa – regardless of whether they are African or not, and regardless of where they are situated in the world.

We endeavor to report on any positive event or development happening within Africa, in the Diaspora, or generated either by Africans themselves and perhaps others who are determined to assist in promoting Africa.

Our key word at The Promota is positivity.

Please let us know if you would like to go ahead and become part of the few who truly want to make a difference for the better in Africa and the Diaspora all over the world!
Thanking you in anticipation.

Apparently we are not paying contributors but help give that exposure for writers in the Diaspora.

Browse through our editorial calendar to know more about the editorial

Yours sincerely,


Willy Mutenza

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