Promota Magazine’s Writer’s guidelines

What Kinds of Articles Do We Want?

We are very open-minded and interested in many kinds of articles, including news, commentary and analysis, personal experience, profiles, and humorous anecdotes – as long as the article idea is interesting. If you have already written the article, send us the completed manuscript and we’ll respond as soon as possible. If you haven’t written it, send an outline or story idea, and contact us to discuss your idea.

Suggestions on Style

Our goal is to make each issue a collection of positive, informative and punchy pieces.

PROMOTA has no specific rules on writing style; we believe the style should come naturally from the writer and the material. However, we do appreciate articles that are written in a warm, colloquial and patriotic way. Although many of PROMOTA’s readers are professional and well educated, writers should avoid using a strongly academic tone. Try to speak to the reader as an intelligent friend. If you are writing for a regular column, please stay within established word counts.


Submission Specifics

We prefer manuscripts typed, double-spaced. If possible, please submit your article via e-mail attachment. Include your name, address, home or work phone numbers on manuscripts as well as a short biographical statement and your photo. Also indicate to us if the article is tied to an event or activity that is time-specific. Photographs and illustrations that are relevant to and could accompany your article are welcome.

PROMOTA reserves the right to edit all articles to conform to its style and/or meet space constraints. Although we try to publish all articles in a timely fashion, we cannot guarantee placement in a specific issue, as articles sometimes have to be pulled because of space restrictions or other concerns.



Final drafts of articles are due on the 5th of the bi-month preceding issue month (for example, articles for the October/November issue are due September 5th). PROMOTA staff will be happy to comment on drafts before this deadline.


Travel (520 words)

Our readers are interested in travel throughout Uganda as well as worldwide. Possible topics include vacation attractions, good travel deals, travel clubs, and adventure travel. We also publish analysis of the travel industry and information about new travel services and organizations. Photos are particularly welcome for this column.


Art and Culture (200-400 words)

Artist profiles, gallery events, and discussions of cultural issues are all welcome. We also publish reviews of books, music, plays, films, etc., relating to Uganda . We regularly receive books for review. No compensation for book reviews is usually paid but we encourage the reviewer to  be allowed to keep the book. If you would like to be on our list of book reviewers, please inform us.


Sports (200-400 words)

Articles on soccer, track, tennis, swimming etc., profiles of athletes and opinion pieces, and coverage of Uganda -style sports in and around Africa.


Human Interest (300-1000 words)

Personal experiences or experiences of others.


Guest Editorial (150-350 words)

Reader Profiles or (400-800 words)

Interesting personal stories about and by our readers.


Letters (50-100 words)

Letters are not compensated. Letters should be signed and contain contact details. If necessary, it is possible but not desirable to have letters signed “name withheld.”


Money/Economy Matters (150-300 words)

Financial news and analysis.

News You Can Use (250-350 words)

These articles deal with issues such as investment opportunities, health, insurance, financial planning, investor’s information, travel tips and so on.


Letters to the Editor (up to 100 words)

Have a compliment, complaint, suggestion, or perhaps want to share something related to the magazine or Uganda with others? Then write our editor a letter. Just note that all correspondence sent to us will be deemed for publication unless stated otherwise by you, and that letters may be edited for clarity and length. Unfortunately, due to space and other constraints, not all letters are published.


Additional notes

  1. Only original writing should be submitted. If already printed elsewhere, must state so and give explanation that copyright not infringed. If submitted to more than one paper at time, must state so.
  2. Pieces about charities, non profits, unless otherwise arranged, will not be compensated.
  3. Certain opinion pieces will not be compensated.
  4. Certain articles may be compensated at a different price.
  5. Normally we only contact writers of articles that have been published.

Letters must include the writer’s first and last names and bear the writer’s postal or e-mail address and telephone contact. Letters containing substantial misrepresentation of fact won’t be considered.  

To submit your articles & ideas, you can reach us via email: or write to:

The Promota Africa, Kampala Uganda


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