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Wrong… on so many levels! Adventurers scale Hong Kong’s skyscrapers to take vertigo-inducing selfies above the city

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  • Alexander Remnev travels the world with three friends taking selfies on skyscrapers 
  • Their latest project took them to top of buildings in Hong Kong, including The Center tower
  • Remnev said his aim is to view cities around the world ‘from a different point of view

While photographer Alexander Remnev’s hobby can be highly illegal at times, the Russian teenager has a cunning ploy to keep himself out of trouble with the authorities – he simply shows security his handy work.

Remnev and his friends are ‘skywalkers’ who travel the world in search of skyscrapers that are the highest, scariest and hardest to reach the top of. They then climb them and take manic selfies at heights in excess of 360m.

Their latest efforts come from skyscraper haven Hong Kong where all they needed was a camera, a customised selfie pole and nerves of steel to complete these stomach-churning images in which the intrepid self-portrait artists dangle by one hand and teeter terrifying close to the edge.

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