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Xtreme 3 Ministries

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Xtreme 3 is the success story of a Christian musical group risen from scratches and formed by a group of talented youths, all coming from disadvantaged walks of life. Xtreme 3 is a   non-profit legal organisation of  vulnerable, disadvantaged and orphaned youths who embrace music, dance and theatre as a spring board to showcase not only their emerging talent, but also to use the same as a channel to determine their own future and the future of others. A crew of over 40 dancers, percussionists, musicians and aids form the current active group Xtreme 3 Ministries Musical, who, with music and dance, take you through a journey of  the rich African cultures and lifestyle.“Africa second to none”, the musical, is told though live contemporary and traditional African music with a fusion of spectacular athletic, high-tech cultural dance and a rainbow set of rich African costumes. The throbbing African drum beat and stampede get a rhythm into your heart and paint out this unique musical story to the satisfaction of the audience. “Africa second to none” tells a story of evolution, of self discovery that renews the mystery, beauty, richness and uniqueness of the African culture. It is a rubber- stamp appreciation of being an African, a musical using colour and vigour and originality for  90 minutes on stage. It’s our hope and pride that you will take this musical spirit back to your daily life, renewed, uplifted and inspired. For more info contact: Sam Bixby Ssenyonjo, Xtreme 3 Ministries – Uganda +256 712 373869 Xtreme3min@hotmail.com | www.xtreme3ministries.org

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