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Zambezi WIND SONG by Donette Read Kruger

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Did Kufa make a death wish when he slipped over the border to take up arms alongside the comrades in the revolution against the Rhodesian Front Government? Why else would he just enlist months before the country was finally granted its Independence by Britain? Perhaps it was the late arrival of the Rhodesian Security Forces call-up papers addressed to Gavin and Dominic that caused his departure?

Dominic L’Estrange was a trustworthy person, but only one person knows that nothing could be further from the truth! On the other hand, Dominic is the one man that Kufa could turn to in his hour of need.

!Qung the Bushman (! indicates a click as in !Qung), has been with the L’Estrange family as long as Dominic can remember. What has this silent mute witnessed, and what family secrets does he harbour that only the wind song could possibly share?

Topaz, a “Born Free” is the vivacious child conceived in what was then Rhodesia and born in Zimbabwe. She may have been adopted by Shirley and Gavin Gatling but why should she inherit the gold French Huguenot cross with its definitive pearl on a blue silk ribbon, just because she is apparently the great granddaughter of the infamous ivory hunter Sebastian L’Estrange and his trusted tracker, Elias Siamkwari.

Gavin, the man who adopted Topaz, has kept the secret of her parents locked within the oubliette of his heart for almost nineteen years. He was a bastard, but only in one sense of the word. Hard core and moody, with a chip on his shoulder about his own roots in an orphanage, the only person he appears to care about is Topaz, the daughter he raises as his own. Shirley suspects the child was born of his seed, but can she ever prove it?

How long is Gavin able to keep his secret from the woman who quit the BSAP force to marry her schoolboy lover?

When will Shirley choose to tell Gavin about his own heritage? Or will Monica the maid, divulge the truth about Gavin before the wind song reveals all to the small fishing community, blowing everything out of proportion deep in the heart of the Zambezi Valley on the shores of Lake Kariba?

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