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Zari Hussein Starts Reality Show

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South African based socialite, Zari Hassan has launched Zari-The Boss Lady, a 14-week reality show that started airing on UBC television on Wednesday evening.

“I balance my roles in every field. There are many young girls who are looking up to me and I think the show will give them a better picture about me. When people see me in the media, they think I am an attention-seeking person and I hope this will clear the air,” Zari said.  Her friends and family will be the main characters in her reality show.

At the launch, Zari expressed regret to the public for her wrong deeds in the past. She had a much publicised catfight with Judith Heard at Jose Chameleone’s album launch recently.

“I want to apologizes to the public for all my mistake and the wars on facebook and twitter that have only put my integrity at stake.

The 31 year old insists the reality act is not a publicity stunt, neither is it a show-off strategy.



Zarinah Hassan known by her stage name as Zari is a Ugandan Musician based in South Africa where she lives with her husband Ivan and their three lovely sons Pinto, Didy and Quincy. She is an entrepreneur in South Africa where she owns a tertiary college and cosmetics shop. With her Zari All White Champagne Party slated for 21st April, we thought this would be the best time to bring you ten facts you never knew about Uganda’s top showbiz star.

1. Zari was born 30 years ago to Nasur and Halima Hassan in Jinja. Her father is half Burundian and half Somali and her mother is half Indian and half Mutooro.

2. She moved to Kampala in 1998 and later stayed in the UK for two years where she did a cosmetics course. She came back to Uganda in the year 2000 before relocating to South Africa where she met Ivan Semwanga, the father of her kids.

3. The name Zari is short form from her full name Zarinah; her real name is Zarinah Zaitun Hussein. She is a beautician from the Cosmetology School of Girls in Woodgreen, United Kingdom.

4. Though she grew up in a Muslim family of six girls and two boys, this didn’t stop Zari Hassan from pursuing her dream of being a musician during her early years. She has just released a 12-track album with hits like ‘Toloba’ and ‘Hotter Than Them’.

5. Her role models were Arethal Franklin and Whitney Houston when she was still in secondary school. Back home, she draws inspiration from the late Brenda Fassie, Miriam Makeba, Lucky Dube and the princess of South African Music, Yvone Chaka Chaka.

6. Zari’s music is basically driven by her beauty and money. She started her music journey way back in 1998 with karaoke at DV8 and Sabrinas Pub which she did for fun. Her first single dubbed ‘Oli Wange’ was released in 2007 and this was nominated for channel O awards in the Best East African Video category. She did not get the award but this boosted her ego.

7. Zari Hassan owns state-of-the-art vehicles which includes BMW – 2006, Black Chrysler – 2008, Audi Q7 – 2010, Silver Crysler – 2008, JETTA-2006, Mercedes Benz convertible -2008. All the above mentioned vehicles have personalized number plates of ZARI 2-4-H GP.

8. Zari and hubby Ivan are the proprietors of Brooklyn City College which has six campuses in South Africa each with 800 to 2100 students.The students are offered national certificates upon completion annually. Zari has also just completed a magnificent hostel on Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road, Kampala and owns several houses in the city especially in Munyonyo, as well as a boutique in South Africa. Zari and Ivan Semwanga also own a house in Waterkloof Glen, near Pretoria in South Africa.

9. Despite her music not doing well like the likes of Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Ragga Dee, Zari has enjoyed time in the business. She now says it’s now time she gives back to the community and has decided to help several charity organizations in town like Katalemwa Cheshire Home, Sanyu Babies’ Home, as well as Luzira Prison. She is now set to extend her charity to ‘Hope After Rape’ and the School for the ‘Deaf’ in Ntinda.

10. She has had troubles in the past in her relationship with her hubby Ivan but it now looks like they have settled the matters once and for all. She will on 21st of this month host her fans to a party dubbed ‘Zari All White Champagne Party’ at the plush Guvnor Night spot.

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