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Zari jets back to clear taxes

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SHE just never seems to get out of the news, whether it is for a good, bad or embarrassing reason.

A while back, the media was awash with stories that socialite Zari Hussein’s jewellery shop at Garden City mall had been raided and put under lock and key, after URA’s tax collectors smelt a rat she had been evading tax.

And just before the dust could settle, the South African-based business woman was having issues in her home, which forced her to walk out of her marriage.

Word has it that Zari and her hubby, Ivan Semwanga, were having physical altercations that led to her marital woes.

Now we can exclusively reveal that Zari recently jetted back into the country to clear her debt with Kagina’s boys. In fact, as soon as she had cleared her dues, she was driven straight to her shop, where she witnessed the URA guys remove their locks.

Meanwhile, our sources who have been watching her closely, tell us that she no longer wears her $2500 engagement ring and could have silently put it up for sale.

We pictured her inspecting her jewels soon after the shop was reopened and, indeed, the ring was nowhere near her finger. Hmmmm

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