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Zari Set To Start Reality show

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Celebrity Zarinah Hassan Tlale is to give Ugandans an intimate behind scenes of her life as mother, wife and friend and business woman.

The thirty minute reality TV show entitled “Zari The Boss Lady” will run for fourteen weeks on Uganda Broadcasting Television and is the very first of its kind in East Africa. The mouthwatering show kicks off Wednesday from 8:30pm-9.00pm.

According to Zari, the show is meant to inspire young women, promote good values and also show the public that just like any other woman she works for a living and does not get everything on a silver platter.

“This show will portray me as a woman trying to juggle both work and family which the public may not be aware about,” she says.

Zari also went on to say: “This is not a publicity stunt, neither is it a show of strategy. It is a show that seeks to motivate, educate, entertain and inspire. It is not a Big Brother or Kimora Lee life in the fab lane spin off either; just like we are created differently, my show is different.”

The gorgeous singer adds: “It is about my work and family life, and above all it is a show about the truth behind what everyone sees from the media.”

Zari says in this show, the public will be shown a lot about her family. “Many people know my husband only by name and the public appearance we make together, and have no idea about our relationship. In the show, you will all see that he plays a major role in everything I do and supports me in all my endevours.”

“So many women –young and old alike- have written to me expressing their admiration for me as a wife, mother, entrepreneur and artiste. They admire the way I balance my roles in every field I am actively involved, and to them I am a source of inspiration, motivation and a symbol of financial independence,” says Zari.

She says for fourteen weeks, the cameras will follow her from her walking hours to sundown, as she executes her different roles and face challenges that are presented to her in every shape and form.

“They will traverse South Africa and Uganda with me, to document every little detail of the things that make Zari- the boss lady,” she says.


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