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Zimbabwe: Baba Jukwa Outed, Email Accounts Hacked

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HE was widely believed to be a top ranking but disgruntled member of President Robert Mugabe's inner circle, a view he actively encouraged, and rose to national fame (or infamy, for those in Zanu PF), in the process attracting global attention by exposing the alleged rot in the ruling party.

In fact, Baba Jukwa was said to have so rattled the veteran leader with his string of damaging leaks that a reward of some $300,000 was allegedly offered to anyone who could help unmask the anonymous whistle-blower.

The Facebook exposes detailed alleged Zanu PF assassination plots (both new and historic), corruption scandals and plans to rig last year's general elections, attracting nearly 300,000 followers, more than a million views and hundreds of responses.

Yet while Baba Jukwa was clearly disgruntled, he was neither a senior member of Zanu PF nor a top aide of President Mugabe, anonymous hackers who managed to hack into his email accounts, working with the intelligence services, have revealed. was Friday told that Baba Jukwa and his side kick, Sahwira waBaba Jukwa are in fact two barely known Zimbabwean journalists based in South Africa who freelance for The Zimbabwean newspaper.

"We got them because they were stupid enough to put their real mobile phone numbers and genuine email accounts as back-up. They were clumsy," said the hackers.

"What we have done is not just the equivalent of what, in police parlance, is known as HB and theft. We have actually taken over the email accounts and locked the owners out.

"That is why we are able to send you belated Christmas and New Year's presents from the same accounts." the hackers added.

The two reporters also appear to have managed to dupe their employers at The Zimbabwean into believing they were the "real deal".

In one of the email exchanges the publishers of the newspaper asked Baba Jukwa if he could help promote the publication and boost waning sales through his Facebook postings. Baba Jukwa agrees – for a fee.

"What was happening is that the owners of the Zimbabwean were actually duped into paying their own employees twice," said the hackers who have since put together a YouTube video detailing their findings which is available here

The emails, read some of them here also show the names of hundreds of Zimbabweans across the world responded to an appeal by Baba Jukwa for donations to support "the cause", most sending their contributions via Paypal.

Baba Jukwa, however, was not impressed with the miniscule amounts and made clear his disappointment.

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