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Zimbabwe: D’Banj Loses ‘Battle of Africa’

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AFRO pop musician D'Banj delivered a lukewarm performance at the Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival dubbed the "Battle of Africa" at Glamis Arena on Saturday night.The festival featured Ugandan reggae musician Bebe Cool and local dancehall artistes Winky D, Guspy Warrior and King Shaddy.

D'Banj represented West Africa while Bebe Cool represented East Africa.

The main man was Zimbabwe's own Winky D, who showed the East and West Africans what it takes to rock Zimbabweans. He gave fans a foretaste of his new single that has all the ingredients of a hit.

As expected, the Nigerian-born D'Banj ran out of steam after exhausting his familiar songs in less than an hour and went into what many revellers described as "hogwash".

The Kokomaster, as he is affectionately known by his fans, was the main attraction and exploded onto the stage amid pomp and zest but soon fizzled out and slumped into near- pornography with some fans.

His opening song was "Fall in Love", followed by "Oliver Twist", "Kukere" remix, "Don't Tell Me Nonsense", "Igwe" and "Why Me". Then he lost the plot.

Neither his scantily dressed dancers nor his swag was enough to sway the majority of the crowd that became visibly restless and disappointed.

So disappointing was his performance that he resorted to X-rated antics with ladies he calls "Kokolates" on the stage, in a bid to kill time.

Among the "Kokolates" was songstress Ammara Brown, who jumped on stage and joined in the dirty dancing.

"Let me see all my Kokolates on stage, now shake your boom boom and do the catwalk," he said, amid boos from the crowd, especially men.

Some disgruntled fans hurled insults and obscenities. D'Banj failed to impress and was the opposite of the Nigerian twins P-Square who performed at the same festival last year and left fans asking for more.

P-Square were even barred from leaving the stage by fans who craved for more.

"This guy should not have been the main act at the show. He has a few hit songs we know that he has performed. Now look at how he is whiling up the remaining time with the ladies," said a fan in the crowd.

Ugandan Bebe Cool, on the other hand, performed exceptionally well, but had the misfortune of playing before an almost empty stadium as the fans were still trickling in. To compound his woes, the revellers were not familiar with most of his tracks.

All the crowd did was stare at him, only to go wild when he went a notch up with a gospel track. Judging by the reaction of the fans, Southern Africa carried the day in the "Battle of Africa".

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