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Zimbabwe: Mugabe – I Am Tired, Slept for Only Two Hours

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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe, who flies out to Algeria Monday, says he is experiencing sleepless nights due to both his hectic work schedule and resultant troubled thoughts.

Addressing thousands of people gathered at Kutama College to celebrate the institution’s 100 years of existence, the 91-year old Zanu PF leader said he was “disjointed” due to the hectic work schedule and long travelling he has been experiencing in the past days.

“Thank you all for coming; I am disjointed; we came back yesterday midnight and only slept for 2 hours and I have a habit that when something worries my me, the mind preserves it and I jump out of sleep saying it is time. That’s why we came a bit late,” he said.

The frail looking Mugabe has been in and out of the country in the last two weeks globetrotting from one country to another.

Mugabe spent over a week in Asia on United Nations duty and returned home on Thursday only for him to fly out Friday afternoon to Namibia to attend the country’s silver jubilee celebration which coincided with the inauguration of a new president of that country.

The president told the gathering which included vice president Phelekezela Mphoko and cabinet ministers that he will push for an audit of A2 farms as most of them were lying idle.

“We are happy with the A1 farmers whom we rely upon mostly for maize but the A2 farmers have been giving us problems and we have discovered that quite many of their farms are lying idle.

“We want to carry out an audit on A2 farms because some people are having farms for status. They tend to say that I have a farm; I am a farmer. But the questions is what are you doing in those farms,” Mugabe said.

Since 2000 the government has distributed land previously owned by white farmers to black people with most of them being politically linked.

But since the controversial land reform program, the country has experienced food shortages as the resettled farmers have failed to utilise the land. Even Mugabe himself recently said he thought the farms allocated to the black farmers could be too large for the new owners.

On Sunday Mugabe chronicled his family history praising Kutama for playing a pivotal role in modelling what he thinks are some of the greatest people in the country.

And yet probably due to old age and fatigue, Mugabe claimed that one of his brothers, the first born in his family, was born in 1999 when he should have said 1919.

Mugabe was born in 1924 and was educated at Kutama College. The unyielding nonagenarian flies out to Algiers tonight on a state visit.

According to the official press Mugabe, who recently fell as he stepped down the podium at the Harare International Airport, cannot help the situation as he is the head of both the SADC and the African Union on top of being a President of the troubled Southern African country.

“Von Voyage Comrade President,” cooed the Herald, the de facto Munhumutapa Building diary.

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