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Zimbabwean 1st Lady Grace Mugabe registers for doctoral degree at UZ. What do you think about her doctoral ambitions?

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It is commendable that as the First Lady of Zimbabwe, in order to represent this country, Grace Mugabe has registered at the UZ intent on improving her Education, albe’it a little bit late. But it is never too late. Her future may not be as First Lady, but having an Education will certainly give her the confidence she needs if she is to continue as an Ambassador for the land of her birth in the hereafter. No one knows what she intends doing with her life, but as a Mother to Bona, I am sure she would be horrified to learn that unbeknown to her, rural girls are still using newspapers when menstruating, and that those in Matabeleland are finally going to receive sanitary wear, doors on their toilets and soap to wash with, while she not much older than them, graduated from where they are to a life of luxury at State House.

It is inconceivable that the Government is only now seriously considering subsidizing the cost of pads for the future mothers of the Nation! Was this deprivation taken into account when the Men and Women of Zimbabwe were kicking in the doors of Democracy and calling for Sanctions? Why didn’t they demonstrate as fervently for their little sisters to get sanitary towels and soap and doors on their toilets?

Any one of those young girls could in future end up in State House as a potential wife to a future President of Zimbabwe, just as Grace Mugabe did.

For men to say “Well, my Gogo used newspapers and she survived!” is typical of the backward thinking of a country which always has and obviously still does, consider and treats its women as second-class citizens.

Several years ago in the UK it was declared illegal to serve fish and chips in newspaper because of the toxicity in print ink. How many women who used newspapers during menstruating have given birth to stillborns or died of cancer of the womb/ovaries? Do we know how many malformed disabled children were born because of women having to use newspapers instead of sanitary towels?

On the other hand, how many men may have died because of similar cancers after absorbing the dreaded toxic printing ink through sex? We will never know but everyone knows that if you don’t have an Education you will inevitably end up a doormat, barefoot and pregnant to a man who probably does not respect you because you do not have the self-worth to hold your head up high – unless you marry a Prince or a President, as did Grace Kelly and Grace Mugabe.

Because of her secured position, and her youth, it is a fact that try as she might, Grace Mugabe has not always been the favourite wife of some, but hopefully with her Degree, when her time comes she will confidently take up the cudgels and lead the Nation in eliminating this attitude towards her second-class sisters. It is all up to her after this, so wish her luck that she may pass with Distinctions.

If anyone can elevate the status of women in Zimbabwe, it could be Grace Mugabe because she too, like Grace Kelly, was once a second-class citizen.

(Nicole Kidman stars as “Grace” in the story of former Hollywood star, Grace Kelly, her crisis of marriage and identity, during a political dispute, and a looming French invasion of Monaco in the early 1960s.)

by Donette Read Kruger

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