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Zimbabwe’s award-winning conference queen

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Being the best in her business is the name of the game for entrepreneur and business owner Priscilla Mabena. She’s the founder and director of Cilla’s Conference Centre, a successful conference venue in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Priscilla’s attitude reveals her entrepreneurial spirit and determination. As a surviving business owner and award-winning entrepreneur, Priscilla first got the idea to open her dream business in the early 2000s, when business conferencing started booming. By identifying an opportunity in the market, she was able to start planning and get his business model in place, which would help her to begin operations fairly quickly. This started with the locating of funds from family and friends; money that was used to build the first facility for her conference centre. By 2004, Cilla’s Conference Centre was ready to open its doors to customers.

What started as a small-sized enterprise has now grown into a highly profitable and ever-expanding industry. This success has seen Priscilla become a respected entrepreneur in her community and industry. She took home the title of Bulawayo Megafest Female Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2011 and was awarded the Academic Supplier Of The Year award by the Zimbabwe Institute Of Management towards the end of the year. This is down to the fact that Priscilla and her team have been able to not only provide their customers with conference venues that seat up to 100 delegates at a time, but also advances in technology that make presentations so much more engaging. Their newest product is something called a “virtual office”, which gives visiting guests and delegates improved technology support and facilities that make conferencing and staying online that much easier. Conducting business from a distance has never been easier.

Through her determination to be the best, entrepreneur Priscilla and her conference centre have done just that, become the best. That is no small feat, but if there’s one thing that youngsters starting out in business can learn from, it’s to never give up and always dream big. If you want something badly enough, you will make it happen, just like Priscilla.

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